Monique’s been performing on stage since she was approx. 3′ 1/2″ & 3 1/2. Performing allowed her to peek out of her shell. This Scorpio became a part-time radio personality during her time at Rowan College of New Jersey (now Rowan University) where she earned a Math BA (Secondary Education Concentration) & Communications (Radio/TV/Film).

She has broadcasted/engineered her own commercial & non-commercial radio shows periodically over the years. After receiving her Theatre MFA from New York’s Sarah Lawrence College, Monique pursued an eclectic mix of performance art genres creating several campy dance songs w/ social messages, as well as having several tracks on major labels. Her Hi-NRG song I Can Breathe <Smoke-Free> charted on Dj record pools around the nation.

Being of Patrick Henry’s lineage, Monique inherited his freedom-fighting spirit.

Monique’s a member of SAG-AFTRA, & wrote, produced, & performed in her original 2-hour mystery/dramedy entitled Murder Under A Porch – No Killing Involved in Phila. NJ, & Hollywood, CA. A vegetarian for 5 years, & the past 7 vegan (mostly raw), she produced, hosted, & sang in her self-produced Hollywood Music Awards Electronica Showcase / Prop 2 Awareness Party & fulfilled a 1,000 signature gathering to lessen farm animal abuse in CA, going into effect 1/1/15. “Unique Monique” was honored w/ the 2008 Hollywood Music in Media Awards Best Techno/Electronica Artist. In 2009 her song Older Women, Younger Guys (Cougars & Cubs Den ce Mix) became the official anthem for the National Cougar Convention.

In 2011, Monique took a stance on safety speaking out on Malibu cable TV that motorists, in particular females, should be able to stop at a well-lit, populated location if ever being followed by what looks like a patrol car. She also began voicing out the insensitive treatment of females by some law enforcers due to the nationally profiled Mitrice Richardson case. She started online petitions w/ her fiancé, Josef Dochterman, & received a variety of news press for this activism, as well as featured in the upcoming documentary Lawless America – Sundance Film Festival and Oscar worthy.

Monique landed a song placement in Sophia Loren’s son, Edoardo Ponti’s 2011 comedy Coming And Going, & has been on a roll landing comedic lead roles in short, new media projects this year. See IMDB.Me/MoniqueMarissaLukens, &, &

Her latest accomplishments are playing Natasha Lytess and Paula Strasberg in MARILYN – MY SECRET & as Poppy Kirk and Starlette #2 in GARBO’S CUBAN LOVER – THE RE-IMAGINED VERSION at West Hollywood, CA’s Macha Theatre. Both dramadies received the title of LA Weekly Pick of the Week!.